Jan was born in 1976 in Brno, Czech Republic. He plays the first cello in the orchestra of the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava. In 2001 he completed his studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where he currently continues in his postgraduate studies (Prof. J. Podhoranský). He completed his undergraduate studies at the Conservatory in Brno, where he also currently teaches. He took part in various violoncello courses under guidance of J. Podhoranský, V. Yagling, J. Bárta and G. Mantel. 

Jan has successfully participated in various competitions, such as the National Chamber Music Competition in Česke Budejovice (1st prize), the International Heran´s Cello Competition (3rd prize), and the Conservatory Competition of the Czech Republic (2nd prize).

Jan is also the artistic director of a cello group called Čelisti (the Cellists). He is a member of the chamber orchestra Bratislava Classic directed by Prof. A. Jablokov, and the chamber Slovak Festival Orchestra, which performs mainly in Ireland and Northern Ireland. He gives concerts in Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain, Japan and Ireland.